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We are your #1 Calgary Mortgage Company!

Are you tired of shopping for your mortgage? We understand there are many mortgage companies and it’s hard to make a decision when shopping for a mortgage and can get quite confusing at times. Therefore, take action now and make shopping for a mortgage simple. We shop for you and get you the best mortgage rate. By filling out one application, we will shop our network of lenders so you’ll be sure to get the best mortgage rates available.

We are your #1 Calgary Mortgage Company, we offer a wide range of competitively priced mortgage loans, our expert mortgage loan officers will help educate you and find you the mortgage loan that accommodates your needs and ensure you the best mortgage rate. Our mortgage loans include mortgage programs for everyone, we have first-time buyer programs, No Doc loans, bad credit mortgages, no money down programs and special pricing for excellent credit borrowers and much more.

Our Mortgage Company is proud to work with over 40 mortgage lenders including some of the nation’s largest mortgage lenders. Our expert loan officers will shop our network of mortgage lenders so you don’t have to get stressed out or confused dealing with many companies. Our goal is to make shopping for a mortgage simple and most importantly ensure you the most competitive mortgage rate.

In addition, to our variety of loans, our services is a service oriented Calgary Mortgage Company with a record of success for the best mortgage rates in Calgary. Our company is committed to building long-lasting relationships with our customers.  When you are faced with a decision of choosing a Calgary Mortgage Company, mortgage broker or one of the many mortgage lenders, contact us, you’ll be satisfied with our expert knowledge, caring service, and smiling because of your savings.

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Nowadays, Realtors expect you to be pre-approved or at least pre-qualified prior to beginning your search for a home.  Is the simplest, and most widely utilized form of preliminary screening used by potential buyers as well as Real Estate agents. To obtain a Pre-qualification Certificate, you would authorize your mortgage consultant obtain your preliminary in-file credit report.  The consultant will then ask you about your employment history and income.

He or she will also want to get an idea of how much money you have available for the proposed purchase. Based upon the consultant’s review of your income, debts, credit history, and available funds, a Pre-qualification will be issued that basically states that based upon a review of your income, credit history, etc., you should not have any trouble obtaining an approval from the lender when the time comes.

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Getting Approved

In some cases, it may be necessary to obtain a formal pre-approval from a lender. One such instance arises when you have “issues” in your application that make your case “to close to call” for the mortgage consultant. Rather than taking a chance on either refusing to give you a pre-qualification when you could have been approved, or saying you were approvable only to find out at the last minute that you weren’t, it’s better to take the guesswork out it by having the application reviewed by the actual decision-maker (underwriter). In this case, you would receive an actual commitment letter subject to your finding a house vs. the more general Pre-qualification Certificate. A formal pre-approval generally takes longer to obtain than the Pre Qualification which can usually be accomplished with one phone call.