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We Help You Get Your Approval

Having a formal pre-approval is good insurance for you as well because many times the deposit that you have to put down upon signing the purchase contract is non-refundable if you win the bid, and then find out you can’t get financing. Deposits on standard purchase offers are usually refundable if you can’t secure financing.  It used to be that potential buyers would go out and find a house first, and then try to get a lender to finance the purchase. It would take roughly four to six weeks to get a decision on your application.

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Completing the pre-approval process insures that you are looking in the right price range. It also allows you to address any possible problems with your application at the outset, so that you are able to avoid unexpected problems and delays later. It’s much easier to take care of problems when you can address them at your own pace. You don’t want to be putting out fires after you have a purchase contract in place. This adds undue tension to the situation, and can cause delays that could jeopardize the successful completion of the transaction.

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That period of uncertainty was understandably extremely stressful! There were times that all parties waited out the process only to have the buyer get rejected at the last minute! Today, the entire process is much more streamlined and less worrisome. In fact, it is possible in many cases to obtain a mortgage commitment in less than a minute!  Nowadays, Realtors expect you to be pre-approved or at least pre-qualified prior to beginning your search for a home.

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Mortgage Broker Information

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Realtors and Sellers

Realtors and sellers will want to know that you are able to obtain financing before they consider you a serious buyer.

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